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Wanna join staff? Empty Wanna join staff?

Post by Ikerepc on Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:55 am

If you want to join staff, you can reply here or send me, brandon_g or The Flash a pm.

You can post your application, but that doesn't mean we will accept you.

You can freely post here. Don't be scared of anything Very Happy

Please fill this template. All informations that what you don't want to post in public please send to me (or whoever you send your application to) via pm.

Don't worry if you aren't so good at English. You can still be accepted. But please be truthful about that and include all the information you can when submitting in your application.

Note: Right now we don't need moderators, but you still can reply if you really wanna help Smile

Talk moderator:
Template to post:
[b]Talk moderator[/b]
My age: (can be sent to pm. Age is not limit, but it's good for us/me to know it)
Why ATF should accept you:
English knowledge: (1 - 10)
Priority language:
Other languages:
How much time you can spent for working on forum:
Anything to add:

Last updated at 01.6.2015. By @brandon_g - Fixed Grammar errors with the english in the templates, as well as the announecement as a whole.

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