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Automaticaly Add Glitter

Hello everyone , in this tutorial we will learn how to add automaticaly glitter or any another effect to all usernames.

First , we need to create a new group , so go in Adminitration Panel -> Users & Groups -> Group Adminitration -> Create a new Group ->

  • Name : What you want
  • Group Members Color : : In this example , #71C26D
  • Color Group Members :  Yes
  • Group status : Don't be invisible ! Closed or Opened

Ok , now go in Modules -> Javascript Management ->Create a new javascript ->

[*]Title: What you want
[*]Placement : Tick in All pages
[*]Javascript Code  :
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
$('a span[style="color:#71C26D"] strong').addClass('atf-glitteria');

Last step is to go in Administration Panel -> Display -> Colors -> CSS Styleheet ->
.atf-glitteria {
background: url( repeat no-repeat;

When you will add members in this group , you will have automaticaly a glitter to them , you can manage the colors how you want , but need to be identic.

Tutorial created by levy from Forumotion Support forum

printscreen in attachment
by Ikerepc
on Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:31 am
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