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Post by brandon_g on Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:46 pm

Admin Talk Rules!

Hello Guest!
By registering and/or posting on Admins Talk you acknowledge that you agree to the following rules:

1. Be Respectful
2. Have Fun
3. If you have a question ask it! We do not bite!
4. You may use bold and color text (just try not to over do it).
5. If you have problem with a member, please contact a staff member.
6. If you have a problem with a staff member please contact Ikerepc.
7. Spamming posts and topics (Forum Games, etc.) are not permitted outside of the Spamming and Discussions Section.
8. No advertising outside of the Advertising Section!
9. You can speak in all caps (Just try not to over do it as some people may consider it yelling).
10. Double accounts are allowed as long as you don't spam (post with one account then again with the other) with it. Chatting with yourself is allowed only in spam section, at forum games so you don't need to double post, and don't do it too much.

By not respecting these rules, you will get a reminder or directly a warning, it depends on Staff's decision.

Warnings can be given only by Admins so probably you will not get nothing right that moment when you are warned and you can always contact @Ikerepc to talk about warning and it's refusing.

Warnings are here:
Admins Talk Rules ATF_full_warnings_v1_copy
Admins Talk Rules ATF_1_warnings_v1
Admins Talk Rules ATF_2_warnings_v1_copy
Admins Talk Rules ATF_3_warnings_v1_copy
Admins Talk Rules ATF_4_warnings_v1_copy
Admins Talk Rules ATF_banned_warnings_v1

We reserve the right to update these rules with and without notice.

-The Admin Talk Team!

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