MyBB 1.8 Themes installation guide

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MyBB 1.8 Themes installation guide

Post by Ikerepc on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:56 am

Here is my tutorial for theme installation of MyBB 1.8

First click at Extend at navigation:

Than click at button Themes:

Than choose theme you want.

You can click at both: button download or at theme name (red and purple circles at image):

Now click at Download at right side.

You have at most of themes prewiew. See it in full size by clicking at image at section Prewiews:

Now check "I agree with licence" and than Download:

Save file:

Open that:

And extract to background or some map:

Now open filezilla or another file manager (that way it will be faster done) and move map with images to map images of your forum:

Like this:

Now go at your admin cp -> Templates & Style -> Import a theme and click "Open" at "Import from" (see image):

Upload .xml file:

When it's choosen, choose "Ignore version compitablity" and click button "Import theme":

Now it should be uploaded and you will get this:

After that will be some options what you don't need to touch. Just exit from that and check your new theme!

Tutorial created by Ikerepc for MyBB

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